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What We Do

Drayage to and from all ports and ramps in the US & Canada.

About Drayage

Convenient and secure delivery when you need it.

We’ve heard multiple people say, “I’m too busy.” We can solve that. Once we receive an order, we track the vessel, monitor for availability, notify of any holds, and even pay terminal fees on your behalf if need be. Urgency is a priority, we do not wait until the last free day to pull a container.


We do it differently.

Company trucks! With our combination of assets, owner operators, and logistics network, we can cover any port in the US & Canada

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Carefully planned and fully transparent transload services.

About Transload Services

Assembly line down? Need an order filled? Container misrouted? Missed booking?

Our transload services will expedite your cargo to ensure just-in-time delivery. We track from pickup until delivery allowing you to focus on other tasks knowing there are eyes on your freight.


Know exactly where your shipment is.

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Safe and timely truckload services across North America.

About Truckload Services

Reliable transportation to help your business move efficiently.

Port X Logistics can provide you with guaranteed capacity when moving truckloads of cargo to and from any point in the U.S. and Canada. You’ll also have end-to-end visibility in real time to ensure your cargo is staying on route and arriving within the appointed timeframe. That way, you’ll never have to worry about delays in your supply chain or delivery to your customers.


Find documents and container numbers within seconds.

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Worry-free crisis management services.

About Crisis Management

We find the logistic solutions for your critical challenges.

Every business runs into issues at some point: An assembly line on the verge of shutting down production because of part shortages. A major steamship line closing its doors with little warning. A hurricane forcing port closures for days. Even when it seems like things can’t get any worse, we’re here to minimize the impact of any disruption.


Crisis Management In Action

Who said miracles can't happen?

One of our customers needed delivery to Chicago from the Port of Savannah. We told them, “We got this.” We dispatched the port drivers. We paid the warehouse manager overtime. We quickly sent in the over the road team to pick up from the just arrived containerized cargo from the warehouse and execute just-in-time delivery to the consignee in Chicago.

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Collaborative project management from start to finish.

About Project Management

We help facilitate what others consider to be daunting tasks.

If you have an ambitious project ahead of you, but are unsure of how to approach it, we’re the people you want by your side. We’ll provide you with experienced connections and an effective plan to tackle your next venture.

Creative problem solving saved the day.

An out of gauge piece of machinery arrived for deliver to the Port of Baltimore. The customer was unaware that they were responsible for paying vessel on carriage stevedore services. Port X Logistics had the industry knowledge, right relationships, and the piece was successfully made seaworthy on board the roro vessel.

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Cost effective supply chain solutions that'll save you time.

About Supply Chain Solutions

Unique problem solving for your supply chain. No demurrage. No kidding.

Sick of paying per diem & demurrage? Ask us about our no demurrage guarantee.

How Port X Logistics helped provide an expedited drayage move.

A customer had an ocean shipment that was delayed coming into the Port of Savannah. The vessel had some delays and the product in that container was critical for production. Port X Logistics was called in to help expedite the shipment. Track the vessel, arrange immediate pick up, expedited to final destination in Alabama, all while providing 100% visibility to all parties of the supply chain.

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