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Reliable Transportation to Move Your Business Forward

Port X Logistics can provide you with guaranteed capacity when moving truckloads of cargo to and from any point in the U.S. and Canada. Along with unmatched reliability, Port X Logistics also provides real-time container tracking so that you are able to track your cargo from origin to destination and ensure that it is on route and arriving within the appointed time frame. With Port X Logistics’ industry-leading full truckload shipping, you will never have to worry about shipping delays creating supply chain disruption and unhappy customers.

Cutting-Edge Tech, Industry-Leading Experience

At Port X Logistics, we leverage our cutting-edge tech stack and experienced team of logistics professionals to offer fully reliable and transparent truckload shipment. By utilizing Turvo TMS, we are able to provide shippers and freight forwarders with a wealth of business intelligence that can be used to guide key supply chain decisions and prevent disruption and delays. Real-time container tracking is one such capability that leveraging Turvo TMS enables us to provide to our partners. With Port X Logistics’ truckload freight transportation, you’ll be able to track the real-time location and status of your shipments and receive timely alerts when exceptions occur. Turvo TMS also enables us to score carriers on behalf of our partners so that we are able to match organizations with carriers who have a proven track record of reliability and on-time delivery.

Of course, technology is only as good as the professionals using it, and at Port X Logistics we are proud to employ some of the most knowledgeable and experienced logistics professionals in the industry. Our team of experts matches customers with all types of exclusive use trucking needs—from full truck loads to partial truck loads—using 53′ vans, flatbeds, step decks, oversized and specialized equipment. We are in constant pursuit of quality and quantity in the transportation industry, resulting in a hard-earned ability to leverage our vast relational resources to drive up the demand for high-quality and competitively priced transactions.

If you would like to experience the reliability and efficiency that comes when you combine cutting-edge technology with industry-leading logistics experience then Port X Logistics is the perfect partner for you!

Why Choose Port X Logistics?

Access to the best logistics technology on the market today and our deep experience with all things transportation and supply chain management are just a couple of reasons to choose Port X Logistics for your organization’s truckload shipping needs.

At Port X Logistics, we are wholly committed to providing unmatched reliability and complete transparency into our shipping processes. Real-time container tracking is one way that we are able to offer this reliability and transparency, but a commitment to clear, ongoing communication is a key element of our truckload freight movement as well. When you partner with Port X Logistics, you can look forward to having an entire team of logistics professionals in your corner, ready to assist with any challenge that arises and 24/7 updates to keep you constantly in the loop.

By leveraging our vast logistics network and longstanding partnerships, we are able to meet the shipping needs of any organization, scale alongside your company as those shipping needs change over time, and adapt on the fly to overcome new challenges and capitalize on new opportunities.

To see for yourself why organizations across the United States and Canada trust Port X Logistics for efficient, reliable, and transparent truckload transportation, be sure to contact us today!

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Reliable transportation to help your business move efficiently.

Port X Logistics can provide you with guaranteed capacity when moving truckloads of cargo to and from any point in the U.S. and Canada. You’ll also have end-to-end visibility in real time to ensure your cargo is staying on route and arriving within the appointed timeframe. That way, you’ll never have to worry about delays in your supply chain or delivery to your customers.