Drayage to and from all ports and ramps in the US & Canada.

Drayage Services

Drayage to and From All Ports and Ramps in North America

With our combination of assets, owner-operators, and industry-leading logistics network, Port X Logistics can provide container drayage services to and from any port or ramp in the US or Canada. Don’t let drayage be the weak link in your supply chain. With Port X Logistics, you can look forward to reliable, timely, and transparent drayage services backed by experienced logistics professionals and the most cutting-edge technology in the industry.

Enjoy the Advantages of Superior Drayage Service

Your cargo might not travel very far during the drayage leg of its journey, but a lot can go wrong in those few short miles. With reliable and transparent drayage services from Port X Logistics, you can look forward to a lot of powerful advantages:
  • Avoid demurrage and detention fees by ensuring that your cargo is always picked up on time
  • Improve the security of your shipments via complete container visibility, swift delivery, and full accountability
  • Eliminate the hassles of arranging drayage by letting Port X Logistics handle the entire process
  • Leverage data analytics and visualization tools to make informed supply chain decisions
  • Track the real-time location and status of your cargo for end-to-end supply chain visibility

Why Choose Port X Logistics?

With demand for drayage services continuing to outpace supply, finding a reliable drayage service provider has become even more challenging than it used it be. At Port X Logistics, our deep experience, industry-leading tech stack, and wide-ranging logistics network enable us to continue offering unmatched reliability even at a time when demand for drayage services is higher than ever before. At Port X Logistics, we accept full accountability and end-to-end responsibility for all that port drayage entails. Once we receive an order, we track the vessel, monitor for availability, notify you of any holds, and even pay terminal fees on your behalf if need be. Urgency is always a priority for our team, and we never wait until the last free day to pull a container. This means that you can rest assured that your valuable cargo will always be delivered on time without having to take on any of the responsibility or hassle yourself.

Thanks to our commitment to clear, continuous communication as well as our powerful container track and trace technology, we are able to provide complete drayage transparency – transparency that you can use to respond to exceptions as they happen and manage your operations with complete confidence that your cargo will arrive as scheduled.

Our deep experience with numerous modes of transport and our wide-ranging geographic footprint allows us to accommodate any shipper’s needs, even when those needs change on the fly. If you are looking for a drayage service provider who will be able to scale alongside your operation and swiftly adapt to new challenges and opportunities alike, you can count on the flexible, agile services of Port X Logistics. By optimizing our processes for maximum efficiency and cost-effectiveness, we are able to cut costs without ever cutting corners and pass those savings directly to our customers. This enables our customers to enjoy competitive rates without having to sacrifice reliability. These are just a few of the reasons why shippers across North America trust Port X Logistics with the most crucial leg of their cargo’s journey. To learn more about how Port X Logistics can help you enjoy the many benefits of superior drayage services, be sure to contact us today!

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We’ve heard multiple people say, “I’m too busy.” We can solve that. Once we receive an order, we track the vessel, monitor for availability, notify of any holds, and even pay terminal fees on your behalf if need be. Urgency is a priority, we do not wait until the last free day to pull a container.