Jul 20

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“This means no fear, cavalier, renegade and steering clear, a tournament, a tournament, a tournament of lies, offer me solutions, offer me alternatives and I decline”

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This week marks the tail end of July and the wrapping up of our annual Port X Logistics Leadership retreat. We got down to a lot of nitty gritty work, spent a day working at the Yellowstone Film Ranch, and embarked on a little 7 mile hike in the valley of Livingston Montana to remind us that the journey is never over and never easy.  And if you do the small favor of following our LinkedIn page you will get to see lots of cool photos that highlights the beauty of Montana and the humility and humanity of our Leadership team.  We are looking forward to the remainder of 2023 ahead and individually sharing our stories of the retreat with you. 

Canada’s Pacific ILWU dock workers revoke strike notice after crisis meeting. Dock workers on Canada’s Pacific coast said they have revoked a strike notice issued for Saturday July 22nd, after Prime Minister Justin Trudeau directed a crisis meeting to pursue all options to ensure the stability of supply chains as he stressed the critical role of port operations.  The strike notice revoked had been issued earlier Wednesday just hours after a federal watchdog ruled the workers’ current stoppage was illegal.

We anticipate there will still be some changes being made to how shippers want to route their containers to actively avoid Pacific West of Canada during these ongoing labor uncertainties.  Whether they are routing to the U.S. West Coast, East Coast or Gulf Coast, we can provide drayage, transloading and trucking in all areas and we have many different creative solutions to avoid these never ending problems.  Whether it’s drayage, transloading and final delivery by dry van or final delivery by intermodal, we have options to fit your needs and benefits such as our No Demurrage Guarantee and expedited options through our Carrier911 division. 

Yesterday United Parcel Service (UPS) said it would return to the bargaining table with a better offer for roughly 340,000 Teamsters-represented U.S. workers, in a bid to avert a potential strike on August 1st. The union said UPS contacted them yesterday with an offer to resume talks next week. The union and UPS have been locked in months of negotiations for the next five-year contract. The current one expires on July 31, and UPS union employees have voted to authorize a strike if no new contract is reached.

“We are prepared to increase our industry-leading pay and benefits, but need to work quickly to finalize a fair deal that provides certainty for our customers, our employees and businesses across the country,” UPS said in a statement.

UPS isn’t the only freight company in a showdown with the Teamsters this summer. Last month, Teamsters claimed Less than Truckload carrier Yellow, told the union that the company would be out of cash by August. To avoid demise, Yellow’s executive team said Teamsters, which represents some 22,000 Yellow employees, must permit some operational changes.  

Teamsters General President Sean O’Brien’s advised: “Go ahead and shut down”. Once a strike takes place, Yellow’s revenue would drop to almost zero, as almost all of its revenue is dependent upon union labor. It is unlikely that the company could recover, short of an unlikely government bailout, pushing the company into bankruptcy within days or weeks.

It’s the end of the world as we know it, It’s the end of the world as we know it, It’s the end of the world as we know it and I feel fine…

Port X Logistics thrives in Crisis Management and with the upcoming potential Freight-Apocalypse (ILWU labor issues, UPS strike & Yellow Bankruptcy) and we will be there to assist with prep, strategy and solutions.  Contact us today for rates and solutions letsgetrolling@portxlogistics.com

Import TEU volumes are down this week again 6.33% but still not quite as low as 2019, as we take a look below at the month to date of July for the past 4 years 

Inventory sales levels are also on a decline as an indicator of the current state of the economy. There still is talk of an inventory surge for the upcoming months of August through November and we will watch these closely as July comes to a close.

What’s happening at the ports and rails?:

You can find all the information on the below link where we cover port congestion, chassis issues and capacity lead times weekly at all U.S. and Canada Ports and rail heads


Vancouver/Prince Rupert: The strike has caused many vessels to sit idle,  but as of this morning, the work stoppage at the ports has been deemed illegal.  No new news to report, but keep checking our LinkedIn page for the most up to date information 
Vessels currently at Port Vancouver: 226 Expected arrivals: 44
Vessels currently at Port Prince Rupert: 79 Expected arrivals: 17

Houston: The weather is hot but there are no major issues with congestion currently and we have capacity! We have 40 trucks, yard space, specialize in the Houston to Dallas drayage lane and our warehouse can handle heavy and unique cargo like paper rolls and oversized pallets. Our team will provide you with proactive updates and transload photos and we will track your containers from origin to final destination.
Vessels currently at Port: 351 Expected arrivals: 155

New Orleans: DCLI chassis currently out and TRAC’s are slim, congestion is starting to kick in as a result
Vessels currently at Port: 380 Expected arrivals: 60

Chicago Rail: There is some congestion also due to DCLI and TRAC chassis shortages in Chicago due to a work shortage of mechanics, but the issue is expected to be resolved within the next week or two. Did you know? The Denver Nuggets announced two new signings.  Now that I have your attention sports fans, did you also know we have our own trucks, transload facility, chassis for rail drayage, AND dry vans in Denver for regional deliveries. Reach out to Nick, Tim, and Charlie in the Mile High City via denver@portxlogistics.com

Did you know? The Denver Nuggets announced two new signings. Now that I have your attention sports fans, did you also know we have our own trucks, transload facility, chassis for rail drayage, AND dry vans in Denver for regional deliveries. Reach out to Nick, Tim, and Charlie in the Mile High City via denver@portxlogistics.com – you will also have to contact them for local sports chat, I was just being cute…

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