Mar 02

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No time for losers, ‘cause we are the champions of the world

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No time for losers, ‘cause we are the champions of the world Featured Image

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Wow ~ What a week it’s been! Some of us are still on site in LGB wrapping up the TPM23 grind. This was my very first year as well as the unveiling of the Port X Logistics booth and the rainy, windy, freezing rain and yes even snowy weather challenged us and to be fully transparent, the weather sucked. A very interesting weather mix for Southern California. Through it all, I cannot say enough how amazing the Port X Logistics team is in action, my teammates are true champions! Keeping the meetings and demos rolling during the relentless stormy weather is a testament to the grit and preparation that sets our team apart. If you braved the elements at TPM23 this year, congratulations you are also a champion! To see more about our Port X Logistics experience at TPM23 follow our linked in page here.

Import TEU Volumes are down this week 25.03% from last week. Q1 is very interesting with the drastic ups and downs this year, but volumes are expected to rise into Q2. Supply inventory overages are starting to taper and TPM23 was a-buzz of shippers looking to get creative with options, efficiency, and costs. Port X Logistics has trucks and capacity in all ports and rails in the U.S. and Canada and we specialize in drayage, transloading and trucking. Email if you want more information on how you can be a part of the CULTURE, SERVICE, TECH AND TRUCKS REVOLUTION.

What is going on at the ports and rails this week?

Columbus/Cleveland/Cincinnati: Chassis shortages and long wait times still present in all 3 markets. Rail congestion charges are lingering at all 3.

Kansas City: Chassis pool shortages at all terminals, but we have private chassis immediately available.

Dallas:  Facing some issues with chassis pool shortages, private chassis available by first come first serve basis.

Chicago: The BNSF is still congested and have been using alternative lots for returning containers. On occasion they have been utilizing Lot 17 as an overflow lot. At times, they are charging upwards of $100 per lift, to flip the container from the chassis to the ground.

New York/New Jersey: Port congestion is reoccurring due to long driver wait times at most terminals. We are expecting to see an improvement on wait times once the overflow of containers will taper off from the February port holidays.

Norfolk: Plenty of chassis at the port of Norfolk, Congestion and wait times vary from day to day due to crane or IT issues occurring on a daily basis which continues to slow things down.

Houston: Chassis shortage situations persists, due in part to the fact that chassis are not in great working condition or in need of repairs. Congestion is very minimal, and drivers get in and out ok, with the exception of chassis.

Did you know?  A big topic of discussion at TPM23 was the Port of Savannah.  It is the largest single-operator container terminal in North America, and it is expanding, making it an optimum target port for shippers to consider. We have a full-service drayage and warehouse operation in Savannah and close to the port and ready for all your drayage and transload needs.  Contact the Savannah Port X Logistics team to set you up on a port tour and provide the best professional advice on how to manage your Savannah Supply Chain operations ( 

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