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“When spring came, even the false spring, there were no problems except where to be happiest”

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James Byrne
“When spring came, even the false spring, there were no problems except where to be happiest” Featured Image

975 Words, 4 minute read – let’s do this!

February is more than half over and the market is still slow.  Talks of seeing some volume improvements for March will hopefully round out Q1 and lead Q2 into a positive direction.  I would love to know your thoughts and predictions of what you think we are going to see going into Q2 2023, this is a crucial year to pay attention to the market trends so let’s make it an interactive discussion! Drop me an email or Linkedin message with your thoughts and I’ll send you a gift!  jill@portxlogistics.com (Linkedin)

It is that time of year! TPM 2023 is almost a week away and it is our biggest year in attendance yet.  Port X Logistics will have a booth outside this year right at the entrance of the Convention Center – stop by and say hi, we hope to see you there! – BK, Adam, Tom, Pat, Jill, Charlie, Steve, Dionne, Lauren.

The contract negotiations between the 22,000 port workers in the International Longshore & Warehouse Union (ILWU) and 70 employers on the US west coast, represented by the Pacific Maritime Association (PMA) are back on track. The two sides have resumed negotiations after it was put on hold in July 2022 due to a dispute over the jurisdiction of Seattle T-5 not falling under contract after it was acquired by SSA in 2019.  Due to the volatility of the labor disputes, shippers ran out of patience and have chosen to route more import containers from Asia through East Coast and Gulf Coast ports so there are still concerns that the long wait for a resolution will result in permanent loss of business for west coast ports. The Los Angeles, Long Beach, Seattle and Tacoma ports have all taken a hit with year-over-year declines in U.S. imports from Asia. The port of Long Beach reported a 28.4% drop in boxes handled last month, from a year earlier, with imports slumping 32.3% and exports down 14.2%.

There is an upward movement in import TEU volumes this week, up 21.54% from last week. How do you get your ocean cargo moving quickly? Come to Port X Logistics for transloading, we have transload capabilities in all markets and open capacity. We can pick up your container from the port, get it unloaded and en route to or even delivered with full visibility tracking before it even hits the rail. Have an emergency or shipment misrouted on the rail?  We are your perfect fit, if you have oversized cargo, a delivery site that doesn’t have a dock and needs a flatbed for delivery or container that is routed to a rail location that is 100s of miles away from the final delivery causing chassis drayage to be too expensive, we have you covered there too. Contact letsgetrolling@portxlogistics.com for all your transloading questions and needs. 

What is going on at the ports and rails this week? With more containers being diverted to the rail compared to months past, it is a good time to jump into any hardships we are seeing in the rail markets.

Columbus/Cleveland/Cincinnati: Chassis shortages and long wait times in all 3 markets.  Rail congestion charges are starting to pop up at all 3 as well.

Kansas City: Chassis pool shortages at all terminals, we have private chassis immediately available.

Dallas:  facing some issues with chassis pool shortages, private chassis available by first come first serve basis.

Chicago: The BNSF is still congested and have been using alternative lots for returning containers. On occasion they have been utilizing Lot 16 as an overflow lot. At times, they are charging upwards of $100 per lift, to flip the container from the chassis, to the ground.

Savannah: The night gate (6 PM to 9 PM Monday through Friday) will be discontinued the week of February 20, 2023 until further notice. The last night gate will be Friday, February 17th

Check out this video taken by Tristan Ahart of the Biglift Baffin carrying giant cranes into Savannah last week https://youtu.be/nhL3HSy0964.

We can save you from an emergency! Drayage and full transload warehouse capacity available for you at SAV@portxlogistics.com.

Seattle/Tacoma: Congestion will slowly start to build with the Terminal closing gates on Fridays due to volume slowdowns. 

T18 Gate schedule: Monday through Thursday only. And will open on Fridays when a holiday falls on Monday and gates are closed (which will occur on Monday the 20th).

New Orleans: Next week starts Mardi Gras and much of the city will be shut down as well as port operations. Ports America NOLA Container Terminal/gate house on Monday the 20th will be running on a half day 7 am to noon, Container Terminal will be closed all day Tuesday the 21st on Mardi Gras Day.  Ports America NOLA Break Bulk Terminal will be closed on Monday the 20th and Tuesday the 21st . All terminal operations will resume on Wednesday the 22nd on normal hours. 

Did you know?  We brought back our “NO DEMURRAGE GUARANTEE” for shipments picked up from all coastal ports. If you’re able to send us your work orders at least 5 days prior to the vessel arrival and the container is clear of all holds upon release, we are guaranteeing that there will be NO DEMURRAGE charged back to you. AND chances are if we get your orders even sooner than that, we’ll still be able to get all shipments out within free time! Start sending us your orders today at letsgetrolling@portxlogistics.com.

Contact the leadership team via letsgetrolling@portxlogistics.com.

James Byrne