Jul 06

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The June BINGO goes out to Rachel Racicot and Erin Walker!!

Congratulations Rachel and Erin!!!!!

Rachel and Erin are being recognized for their amazing job representing Port X Logistics as Brand Ambassadors! They have been very busy with several key accounts. Additionally, they are fully committed to using Turvo on every shipment!

Rachel and Erin have increased shipment counts and revenue all while maintaining the Port X Logistics Pillars of Culture, Service, Tech, and Trucks.

“It won’t be long before Rachel will have to get her husband Pierre into the business to keep up w/the volume her and her daughters are handling.” ~Steve O’Neil

“Fueled by nothing but the ‘real’ version of Timmy-Ho’s, they grind it out each day and collect Bingo’s in their wake. Great job you two, keep hammering and rowing!!” ~Pat Morrison

Rachel and Erin, thank you for your contribution and continued success of Port X Logistics.

What is this BINGO we speak of?

As we have been collaborating with our clients and solving problems, we have had a chance to work with customers during these crazy times in the drayage and trucking world. The convos are about solving their problems, but also doing it Port X Logistics style.