Jan 31

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Spotlight: Savannah, GA

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In a twist of events, our Savannah team faced a tight deadline to deliver the last of 6 containers for a major Atlanta convention.

Despite unexpected delays and a stubborn container stuck on a vessel until 3 AM, our driver Jeff stepped up, racing from Charleston to Atlanta to ensure on-time delivery!

We live for successes like these, and we can’t express how much we value having a team that can so quickly jump into action to carefully & confidently handle complex shipments!

Speaking of complex shipments… Our Savannah and Charleston teams are also fully prepped and ready to take on your hazardous freight in the southeast!

Check out the classifications our fleet is currently handling:

Class 2.1
Class 2.1 LPG
Class 2.1 Methane
Class 2.2
Class 3
Class 4.1
Class 5.1
Class 8
Class 9
Hazardous Sub (RQ)

Since our inception, we’ve maintained a strong commitment to safety and efficiency. We’re here to make sure your hazmat freight is transported seamlessly and safely, no matter where it needs to go.

What’s happening at the ports? 

A major infrastructure improvement in relation to the expansion of container operations at Ocean Terminal will come in the form of an overpass that provides a direct route from the terminal to U.S. 17. 

This direct connection will allow for exiting container traffic to quickly gain access to the interstate highway system without impacting the adjacent residential neighborhoods. 

In addition to the overpass for exiting traffic,construction of a separate entrance to Ocean Terminal from US 17 will also be built for entering container traffic that will also minimize impacts to the surrounding neighborhoods.

Did you know? Port X Logistics Savannah also has drayage service to and from Charleston and Jacksonville ports. We also have a full service transload warehouse in Savannah and can handle last minute urgent transloads and crossdocks. Contact Tyler, Kyle and Tristan for the Gold Standard of drayage, transloading and trucking