Jan 19

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A Message From Our Chief Heart Officer (CHO) Dionne Kress

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“The past year, 2023, was a year of significant challenges in the logistics market. Despite this, our commitment to being people-centric never wavered.

At the heart of our company is a focus on culture – recognizing the immense value our employees bring. We understand that our strength lies in their dedication and commitment to the work they do everyday. We believe in creating an internal environment that not only changes lives but also reinforces our gold standard of service.

Efficiency and effectiveness remain key, which is why we consistently review and streamline our SOPs. By aligning individual strengths to roles and fostering collaboration, we fill knowledge gaps and enhance our workflow.

Looking back at 2023, it’s crucial to reflect on the ‘why’ of Port X Logistics. Understanding and engaging with our purpose is vital. As we actively grow and expand into new markets, it’s imperative that we maintain our culture, including:

~ Staying true to our pillars (Culture, Service, Tech, and Trucks)

~ Sticking to our original mission and values.

~ Prioritizing a people-centric approach, ensuring our culture and employee experience are top priorities.

~ Viewing and treating our team members as whole beings, valuing their work-life balance (despite how overstated in the professional world that concept may seem) and their overall well-being.

In my role, I focus on seeing each individual as a complete person, not just an employee. We care deeply about their humanness, and we’re committed to ensuring this is never lost in the corporate environment or fast-paced industry.

Our foundational values, including but not limited to collaboration, teamwork, customer success, and urgency, are not just words but the foundation of our strategy and initiatives. They guide us in everything we do, helping us to build a cohesive and successful team.

As Port X Logistics continues its journey, we embrace the process of purposeful change. We’ve mentioned before that we stick to what works, yet we’re not blind to the importance of evolving where necessary. Our approach is one of small, incremental growth, allowing our employees to build trust and confidence in our direction.

Our path forward is clear: continue to nurture our culture, stay focused on our people, and keep aligning with our foundational values and success factors. This is how we ensure that Port X Logistics remains a leader in the logistics industry, not just in terms of service excellence, but as a place where every team member feels valued, heard, and integral to our collective success.”

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