Dec 14

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“My winter nights are taken up by static Stress and holiday shopping traffic But I close my eyes and I’m somewhere else… Just like magic”

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Small town in Colorado with locomotive train freight sign for BNSF on tracks

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There are Seventeen full days left of 2023 – How is 2024 looking? Next week we will dive into our predictions for the year ahead. The disruptions caused by the Panama Canal, upcoming ILA contract negotiations, the economy, the presidential election – 2024 is a HUGE year. We also would LOVE to hear from you – if you have any thoughts on what is in store for 2024 send us an email at

Let’s quick chat about Panama Canal – Carriers who had hoped to transit the Suez Canal may find themselves paying war risk premiums due to increasing hostilities in the Gulf of Aden caused by missile attacks launched from Yemen by Houthi rebels. Rerouting will cause capacity to drop and the Cape of Good Hope route around southern Africa will add 10 to 15 days to each voyage. The Panama Canal is basically closed until at least May to Multi Purpose vessels. Those extra 10 to 15 days of transit time are more than most shippers can afford to add to their incoming containerized cargo – the good news is that Port X Logistics makes it easy to save some time by opting to move your shipments as drayage, transloading and trucking and our end-to-end visibility via both our operators and our TMS platform Turvo allows us to monitor changes on the water and all the way through final delivery. We also offer a “No Demurrage Guarantee” on all import containers at all U.S. and Canada Ports – send us your container paperwork 5 days prior to vessel arrival and we guarantee no demurrage charges for all containers that are customs cleared and ready to roll within the ports free time. To learn more about drayage, transloading and trucking and our “No Demurrage Guarantee” email us at

Import volumes are down 7.64% this week from last week as we pretty much roll into the year’s ending, less vessels will be hitting U.S. and Canada ports as shippers prepare for holiday shutdowns.  Historically it has been a trend that air freight starts to increase at year end due to less sailings and more end of the year urgent cargo pops up. Do you have a need for domestic expedited trucking with high visibility for your incoming airfreight? You are in luck! Our Carrier911 division is available 24/7/365 for all your expedited needs. We provide tracking for all your shipments and can provide cargo vans, straight trucks, dry vans and even specialized equipment for your airport and hot shipments and in most cases the drivers can be on site for pickup within one hour. Our tracking links are shareable and will track the driver from pickup to final delivery and POD digitally at your fingertips at time of delivery. Let us do your holiday freight babysitting this holiday season – contact to get your last minute, end of the year shipments on the board and prepared for pickup. 

What’s happening at the ports and rails?:

You can find all the information on the below link where we cover port congestion, chassis issues and capacity lead times weekly at all U.S. and Canada Ports and rail heads on our website – click on the link below

Click Here For Weekly Port & Rail Updates

A proposed rule that would require truck drivers working the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach to provide proof of ownership or lease for all private chassis or else be sent for a safety inspection prior to picking up cargo. This past week, truckers have been pushing back on the proposal, which was made by the International Longshore and Warehouse Union (ILWU) with waterfront employers represented by the Pacific Maritime Association (PMA) and was due to be implemented on Wednesday. The start date has been delayed while the sides attempt to negotiate a resolution. The requirement is to show proof of ownership or lease for private chassis at five marine terminals: Everport, TraPac and Yusen at the Port of Los Angeles and Long Beach Container Terminal and Total Terminals in Long Beach. Truckers say implementing the paperwork measure would push average truck turn times in Los Angeles-Long Beach, already among the highest in the US, even higher. The average truck turn time in Los Angeles and Long Beach was 74 minutes in October and has been more than an hour in all but two months since January 2019. We have plenty of drayage capacity and chassis for LA/LGB containers and open capacity at our transload warehouses, if you are looking for coverage, competitive rates or more information about the new chassis proof rule, contact the West Coast team 
Container Vessels currently in Port LA: 11 Expected Arrivals: 27
Container Vessels currently in Port LGB: 8  Expected Arrivals: 20

Vancouver/Prince Rupert: Rail dwell times at Prince Rupert port terminal is 3 days,
Vancouver’s Vanterm and Centerm terminals are 3-5 days dwell time and Deltaport and FSC terminals are 5-7 days dwell time. If you have a need for expediting your Canadian cargo we offer drayage, transloading and trucking at all ports in Canada including services to move in bond and remanifest the bond on your customers behalf.
Want to hear more? Our Canadian industry expert Rachel has been moving transloaded cross border cargo for years and is available to help ease the pain of cross-border clearance. Contact Rachel and her team at
Container Vessels currently in Port PRR: 1 Expected Arrivals: 6
Container Vessels currently in Port Vancouver: 2 Expected Arrivals: 7

Chicago: The excess rail dwell times in Vancouver could affect your containers coming into Chicago from the Canadian North West. If you have containers hanging out on deck waiting to hit the rail to Chiago, don’t let capacity get away from you! Our Chicago team is full of capacity with 80 trucks, yard space, and transloading (including specialized equipment). Danny is waiting for your Chicago questions, quotes and order emails – it is his holiday wish!

Memphis: Congestion is a problem at the NS and BNSF, drivers reporting 2+ Hour wait time. CSX, CN and UP are moving well, no real chassis shortage issues. Port X Logistics has 48 trucks, yard space, and transloading (92 acres of yard space and depot equipped with lift capabilities) in Memphis – Our Yard backs up to the UP in Marion.  We are the premier choice for your drayage needs in Memphis – contact us for rates and if you have any immediate drayage needs and emergencies at

Denver : Denver is running with no capacity or chassis issues this week AND we have 12 trucks ready and waiting for your drayage shipments and a transload warehouse on site in our Denver operations. Our Denver drivers can haul local heavy loads and our warehouse is well versed in different types of projects such as transloading wood beams and steel rods. We even have dry vans on site for any local truckload needs and our rates are some of the best in the area! If you are looking to transition your Denver containers to a new carrier with incredible service contact our team at

Did you know?
Port X Logistics will be at  Manifest 2024 February 5th – 7th at the Caesars Forum, Las Vegas
We’re thrilled to announce that our very own CEO & Founder, Brian Kempisty, will be speaking at the event! He’ll be diving into the world of Continuously Integrating Logistics/Transportation Tech, sharing insights and innovations that are shaping the industry’s future. To learn more about our attendance at this event or to schedule a meeting with Brian and our sales team email

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