Aug 31

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“Sittin’ in the mornin’ sun, I’ll be sittin’ when the evenin’ comes, Watching the ships roll in Then I watch ’em roll away again, yeah… I’m sittin’ on the dock of the bay, Watchin’ the tide roll away, ooh, I’m just sittin’ on the dock of the bay, Wastin’ time…”

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The weekend marks the last hurrah of summer. Just about every student will be back to school next week and all summer holidays will be wrapped up completely. Typically starting the week of Labor Day, Peak season can make or break a year for many in our industry. Port X Logistics has continued to monitor the expected volumes and the weather projections. We will remain ready to assist no matter the situation as we do so.

With the talk of peak season, we immediately think of the fall and winter holidays.  With that in mind, in a way to maybe cheer up the end-of-summer moods and possibly manifest a busy peak season, what’s on your Christmas list this year?  We do have a personal connection to jolly ol’ Saint Nick here at Port X Logistics an FYI!!

Weather is still acting cray this summer as Hurricane Idalia hit the Southern East Coast on Wednesday. Tyler Pulbrook, in typical PXL weird fashion, found a unique way to “enjoy” the approaching Hurricane Idalia earlier this week in Savannah. He sat on his deck and watched the parade of empty vessels chugging down and out the Savannah River to safer seas & harbors. While the Hurricane ultimately did not cause as much damage (thankfully) as forecasted and feared, it still caused closures at many of the ports in the South East. As we like to say here, 1 day of closing equals a week of delays. Thank you Tyler for today’s featured port photo!

Here is an update to the ports that were closed:
Jacksonville fully reopened at 9:30 am after a post-storm assessment of the port’s waterways by the US Coast Guard. “Jaxport is now open to landside cargo operations,” the port said in a statement. “Because Jaxport terminal operators establish their own operating hours at their gated facilities, drivers should check with their terminal operator for their specific hours of operation.” Idalia made landfall along the upper west coast of Florida on Wednesday morning, with the storm moving inland in a northeasterly direction during the day and reaching Savannah and Charleston in the evening hours as a tropical storm before moving out into the Atlantic.

Savannah’s Garden City and Ocean terminals reopened at 8 am, while the Mayor’s Point and Bainbridge terminals at the port of Brunswick reopened at 7 am, the Georgia Ports Authority said in an advisory. Gates at the Colonel’s Island terminal will remain open 24/7 unless otherwise noted by port police, GPA said.

Charleston’s ship channel reopened at 10:30 am Thursday, with all terminal gates due to operate regular hours from 8 am to 5pm and inland Port Dillon delayed its start to 1 pm.  

Import TEU volumes are up a minuscule 0.152% from last week. Call it a recession, there isn’t much spending going on in today’s economy. The U.S. Census Bureau’s Advance Monthly Retail sales for July showed that spending at furniture and home goods stores fell 4.4% from June on a non-seasonally adjusted basis. Sales at electronics and appliance stores fell 2% month to month, while building materials and home improvement store sales fell 9%.  

What’s happening at the ports and rails?:

You can find all the information on the below link where we cover port congestion, chassis issues and capacity lead times weekly at all U.S. and Canada Ports and rail heads

Port & Rail Updates

Reminder – Monday September 4th is the U.S. and Canada Labor/Labour Day holiday and most ports and some rails will be closed in observance. Don’t let your container schedules get out of hand and take control of your planning early. The Port X Logistics team is here for you on standby and we want to help you get ahead of the upcoming busy first and short week of September. Contact we got you!           

Savannah/Charleston/Jacksonville : The Hurricane Idalia Wednesday port closure doesn’t seem to have too much effect on congestion and not too many vessels are waiting at anchor at the moment.  We also have drivers eagerly waiting to get those containers moving. We invite you to check out our services and our sweet tracking links and quickest PODs in the land – contact our Atlantic team for rates and capacity:
Vessels currently in Port Savannah:  34 Expected Arrivals: 35
Vessels currently in Port Charleston:  123  Expected Arrivals: 26
Vessels currently in Port Jacksonville:  70  Expected Arrivals: 21

Oakland: Terminals will be closed on Monday for the holiday, congestion is minimal but operations will be backed up early next week.  Need transloading in Oakland? We have you covered with our transload warehouse and a yard that can store 100 containers and JP, who leads our Oakland team wants to be your new BFF! Contact For capacity and rates
Vessels currently in Port: 62  Expected Arrivals: 7

The Seattle and Tacoma ports could still be seeing some increase in import vessels from routing to avoid the BC Ports.  We would suggest exercising caution at these ports for next week in the event that the high count of vessels create a backlog into early next week.  We have drayage and transloading openings available well in to September and we want to be your #1 Seattle drayman and warehouse.

Vessels currently in Port Seattle: 405  Expected Arrivals: 39

Vessels currently in Port Tacoma: 86  Expected Arrivals: 24

Houston: is not only burning up in temperatures, it is burning up with incoming vessels.  Terminals are closed on Monday for the holiday, and capacity is filling up fast. As of today our drayage capacity is wide open. We are also equipped in Houston with a vast amount of drayage capacity and a full service warehouse that can tackle heavy projects and quick turnaround for hot freight. Our team is on standby!
Vessels currently in Port: 340  Expected Arrivals: 151

Kansas City
: There has been slight chassis shortages in the KC area as of late, the good news is we have private chassis to dig you out of the chassis shortage hole or help to get them rolling before the hole is dug. Contact the team at

Did you know?  Most businesses are closed on the long weekend, but the airports keep running and so does airfreight. Don’t let the Labor Day holiday closures mess with your HOT Freight!  If you’re paying for a premium to get your cargo moving fast by air, then you should have the support needed to move your cargo fast domestically too. Carrier911 is your answer.  24/7/365 even during holidays we got you covered. Cargo vans, straight trucks, dry vans, flatbeds –  you name it. And don’t forget we have shareable tracking and PODs provided the very moment your shipment delivers. Now that is relaxing!

Contact our Carrier 911 team Jason, Shane, Jimmy, to help you formulate a plan for the holiday weekend so you can enjoy a relaxing holiday too.

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