Aug 17

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“It’s harvest time in this little town, Time to bring it on in, pay the loans down, Fill our diesel tank up, make another round…”

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What is the best thing about this time of year? For some people it is that summer isn’t quite over yet,  and for others it is a celebration that fall is just around the corner. I fall into category number 2. I am a fall girl through and through. Cooler weather, beautiful fall colors everywhere and back to a more structured reality just get me. And being at home base in our Buffalo location football season it’s always a crazy time here. The Port X Logistics team takes football to a whole new level of crazy fandom – especially the Buffalo Bills fan natives. Since we have taken on our new and expanding asset divisions, the PXL football team fandom extends all over the country and it is going to be an exciting year of friendly competition within the Port X Logistics family for the 2023 season. Our VP of Sales Pat Morrison predicts a Super Bowl final of Buffalo Bills 38 to 35 San Francisco 49ers, and our GM of our Atlantic Division Tyler Pulbrook predicts a very realistic Buffalo Bills 10 million to negative 2 Chicago Bears – perhaps a dig at our Chicago offices? Adam Stort. We have plenty of fun at Port X Logistics, and we have plenty of capacity to match the fun. The team is ready to share information on all the services we provide and locations we plan to corner the market in – contact us at to see how we can help make a difference with our drayage, transloading and trucking star lineup. We would also love to hear about which football team is near and dear to your heart and your wild or serious Super Bowl predictions. And don’t forget to check out and follow to our Linkedin page for the most up to date ever changing company expansion news. 

Speaking of our Atlantic Division, we have a fleet of trucks and drivers in Savannah, Charleston and Jacksonville and a full service transload warehouse in Savannah.  We have immediate capacity and offer competitive rates AND the Savannah port has some pretty exciting news.  A press release was issued yesterday that the Georgia Ports has been awarded with the AQUA Lane certification with U.S.Customs on August 1st.  The AQUA Lane is a “fast lane” for port operations that enables faster unloading of ships in port.  It shortens port stays which saves time and money for ocean carriers and supply chains, but also allows for shippers to consider shipping through Savannah to help increase delivery times when containers arrive into the U.S.  Vessels must still obtain Customs clearance, but AQUA Lane allows post operations to start immediately with unloading and loading cargo – while the clearance process is underway. Crew members will still need to await normal clearance from CBP before disembarking.  In the past, vessels would have to wait for U.S. Customs to clear cargo and crew prior to the start of operations, and since the clearance process is unpredictable, it often results in port labor waiting dockside to start operations. Faster vessel working can lead to faster delivery! Our Atlantic division has the capacity you need to get your HOT containers moving just as quickly as they become available. Whether you are considering using the AQUA Lane service to move your containers via drayage around the southeast or looking to increase your delivery times with transloading in Savannah and trucking to longer distances, it is right up the Port X Logistics alley. Tyler, Kyle and Tristan have been training this all year to break the records of the fastest container pickups. We are on standby to talk about the benefits of switching to the GA Ports. 

Import TEU volumes are down 7.77% from last week and the trend of a 7.7% decrease has occurred in the past 2 weeks.  A Silver lining is that lower volumes open up capacity in all markets, and we have open capacity in all U.S. and Canada markets and don’t forget: We brought back our “NO DEMURRAGE GUARANTEE” for import shipments picked up from all coastal ports.  If you’re able to send us your work orders at least 5 days prior to the vessel arrival and the container is clear of all holds upon release, we are guaranteeing that there will be NO DEMURRAGE charged back to you. AND chances are if we get your orders even sooner than that, we’ll still be able to get all shipments out within free time! Start sending us your orders today     

What’s happening at the ports and rails?:

You can find all the information on the below link where we cover port congestion, chassis issues and capacity lead times weekly at all U.S. and Canada Ports and rail heads

Seattle: Seattle T5 has started enforcing their appointment policy as of 8/8, in an effort to “reduce traffic on city streets”.  Even with the strict appointment policy in place, we are about to change the Seattle/Tacoma market in the best way. SEA/TAC drayage assets coming soon, complete with a full service transload warehouse and plenty of capacity!

Seattle Vessels Currently at port: 374 Expected arrivals 58
Tacoma Vessels Currently at port: 67  Expected arrivals 20

Vancouver/Prince Rupert: Rail dwell times are still slower than normal as the cargo flow in the Western Canada ports are starting to improve from the July Port strike shutdowns. As of August 15th:

Vancouver Vessels Currently at port: 205 Expected arrivals 54

Prince Rupert Vessels Currently at port: 62  Expected arrivals 13

Vancouver Current:

·       Deltaport is +7 days (largest of the ports in BC)

·       Vanterm-0-3 days

·       Certerm and FSD 3-5 days

DP World Price Rupert current:

·       6 days

Did you know?  We may have MOVED, but boy did we IMPROVE!  Our Oakland operations terminal has moved to a new yard complete with a transload and crossdock warehouse. ArshJP, and the Oakland team have drivers and staff on hand purposely waiting to service your Oakland containers. Proactive updates and the BEST customer service is always our promise