Aug 08

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Employee Spotlight: Jill Rice ๐ŸŒŸ

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Welcome to this week’s employee spotlight! Today we are pleased to shine the spotlight on VP of Pricing and Procurement, Jill Rice!

Jill started in the logistics industry when she was 19, back when the industry was not really led by women.
“I’m proud to see how many women leaders there are now. You all rock it out on the daily, it’s not the easiest industry it is time consuming and sometimes thankless, and you deserve all the credit” 🙌

Having known our founder BK the longest on the leadership team, Jill has been with Port X Logistics since before there was even day 1 💯
“We were destined for something greater. Port X Logistics has truly changed my life in so many ways. And the Port X Logistics motto is to pay it forward and change lives of our employees and peers.”

If you read our weekly market updates, you may be a bit more familiar with Jill than you’d think!
“Surprise! I write the songs. Well I “celebrate” the song titles to correspond with our weekly Market Update. I love all things about the industry’s current events and what makes the market tick forwards or backwards.”

(If you’re not following along for our weekly market updates – you’re missing out. Jill brings her A-game every week, offering some of the most authentic and thoughtful insights to make sure you can keep up with this wild industry.)

“Industry expertise is my passion. Whether it’s writing the market update, putting together the puzzle pieces of an out of gauge project or teaching others about the industry, improving my industry knowledge and passing it on through Port X Logistics makes me extremely happy and fulfilled”

When asked what she has learned from her time with us, Jill said:
“One of the best parts of Port X Logistics is that the leadership team has always been committed to working together and working hard to make sure we are helping to support in growing an elite team and that we’re staying true to our core values and culture.”

“We just wrapped up our 5th annual Leadership retreat and it was a lot of hard work! The leadership retreat always reminds me of both how far I’ve come and how far I have fallen behind. Even having only done what most elderly Montana locals (trust me they are INSPIRATIONAL!) would consider an easy breezy short day hike, it was a struggle. A reminder that the first half of this year was hard, but we can get stronger and persevere. As a commitment to my own personal growth and the growth of my team, Next year I will own that hike!”

Believe it or not, despite Jill’s ability to absolutely conquer complex freight or share in depth industry analysis – she is relentlessly girly.
“I am distracted by/attracted to shiny, pretty objects and friends and family have dubbed my home the Barbie Dreamhouse. I also love innovative ideas and brands, and I can be conned into buying anything fun and technologically advanced, even if I struggle to use it!” 🎀✨

Jill is always looking to learn more and ensure she is allowing herself to grow and think critically!
“I am obsessed with podcasts that teach self-help and podcasts about conspiracy theories, I aspire to always have self-awareness and I love to form my own opinions about real world events and stories.”

Jill’s favorite spot to hang out and chill is her own backyard 🍃
“it is cozy and full of forest creatures. The perfect place to unwind and listen to podcasts.”

We’d like to give a big shoutout to Jill, a true leadership team icon. Since the very start, she’s guided us using her unmatched industry expertise to help shape our culture. The way she offers support and direction to the women in a male-dominated industry such as ours is rare, and her dedication to educating and empowering us all is pretty much unforeseen.

It’s impossible to fully grasp the monumental impact she and her authenticity have had on our culture and the way we engage with the rest of the industry. Here’s to Jill, a genuine superstar who’s helped make PXL what it is today! 🌟🙏