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Can you believe next week October will already be half over??

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Can you believe next week October will already be half over?? Featured Image

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The days of 2022 have really flown by, and it makes me sometimes feel like same thing, different day. 
Now that we cleaned up a little from the hurricane, here comes election crunch time. This affects everything, even and especially supply chain.  We likely will be sure to see gas prices and commodity prices increase and supplies decrease.  This could also cause backlash in truck prices and capacity.  Terrifying.  So terrifying.  Are you a creepy Dooms Day planner like me?  Email me, we might be creepy but might also be the ones saving the world. 

But anyways, how is your week?  Let’s talk about rail issues…

I feel like a broken record bringing up chassis shortages and dwell times every week, but it will be here to stay for what could be the remainder of 2022.  There are still heavy container back ups in Kansas City, Memphis, Chicago, and Indianapolis, all of which have already had chassis shortages.  Rail dwell times on the West and East coast are still causing containers to back up and put a bigger slowdown of cargo moving, very unfavorable for the upcoming holiday season.  In most instances, the ports have a better chance of getting containers moving faster than if they hit the rail.  If you have ocean cargo that is destined for the rails and has a deadline, consider diverting to stay at the port for trans load and road delivery.  Port X Logistics can help with all your trans load and trucking needs, contact our specialists to get you set up for success!

Lately, I have been reading and talking to people about the efforts and improvements that the auto industry is making to really boost the streamlining of reliability and safety of the future of EV batteries.  I have been making new friends that work in the EV battery industry in overseas markets through researching and networking and I have to say, it is impressive how quick and efficient the EV battery wave of the future is shaping up.  And how quickly the US is adapting.  Electric vehicle charging stations have received a green light across the U.S.

According to the article, the US currently has about 47,000 charging stations nationwide with the goal of building a 500,000 EV charger networks across the nation by 2030.

As the vehicle industry is shifting to EV, this push for an electrified infrastructure to support it is a major step forward for the EV industry.

With this charge forward for the EV initiative comes the need for supply chain solutions. EV shipping is now E-Z shipping with Port X Logistics. Join in on the revolution so you aren’t draining your batteries trying to find solutions. Follow us on Linkedin for up-to-date exciting EV battery supply chain news and how we can make shipping EV batteries EZ for you!

The Southeast Ports still have container backups from the hurricane, but it really is amazing how quick the ports got back up and running after the storms passing, even the ports with the worst conditions temporarily closed for only 1-2 days.  The storm uncertainties and the week- long National Holiday in China could have attributed to the slight slowing of volume of Incoming TEUs this week.  The total incoming TEU volume is down 7.6% this week from last week. 

What are the port hardships this week?

  • NY/NJ Still the busiest port in the east coast, although empties are moving out now for most steamship lines, the congestion waiting times are still terrible, especially PNCT.
  • Oakland  Many containers moving to off-dock sites due to the strike shut down, making containers unavailable for longer than normal,  chassis shortages remain and there are still empty returns restrictions in place for MSC and Wan Hai. Tune into our LinkedIn page for the most recent Oakland updates

What looks a positive this week?

  • Savannah The Port of Savannah is still running smoothly right now. With Hurricane Ian missing Georgia and the Georgia Ports Authority staying open, Savannah is in great shape.  And we have capacity!
  • Houston Capacity in Houston is the best I have seen in a while, Saturday gates have been utilized mostly for weekend container pre pulls, is helping to free up weekday wait times.

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~ Jill Rice 

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