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How do you plan for the possibility of the country shutting down… again…

It was a sigh of relief from a Supply Chain and economy perspective that there will be no immediate rail shutdowns, however the key words are still “tentative agreement” – railroad workers still must vote on the agreement. The railroads had already stopped accepting shipments of hazardous and security-related materials a week ago. And Wednesday some of the railroads had stopped accepting shipments of crops from the agricultural industry. There are still containers placed on hold at Norfolk Southern rail yards in preparation for the possible shut down that are pending release and creating more backlog and increased rail dwell times… To be frank, there is no sense of urgency in the “Rail World”.

There is still lack of progress with the West Coast longshore contract negotiations and it is something to still keep any eye on. 

An article from JOC on September 14th states: Sources close to the negotiations told that although no impasse has been declared — a formal designation that could precipitate a strike, an option the union has disavowed — no solution has yet emerged after weeks of discussion centered on Seattle and the broader related issues. 

T5 has become a coast-wide contract issue. The longer the give-and-take over T5 drags on without progress, the greater the likelihood that an actual impasse could be declared, possibly as soon as Sept. 19, sources say.    

We predict even more increased rail dwell times between the strike possibility early this week and increased import volumes, incoming TEU volume is up 23.87% from last week. 

  • LA/Long Beach Expect long rail dwell times, volume is increasing and it is approaching the busy holiday season. Volume is hitting 
  • NY/NJ There is another large increase in volume this coming week, though there are no hardships with capacity, just like LA/LGB the possibility of increased rail dwellings loom
  • Norfolk Still having shortages of empty equipment with some steamship lines making it hard to accommodate export bookings
  • New Orleans/Houston/Mobile the Gulf coast ports are still flowing with import volume

What looks a positive this week?

  • Seattle Despite the ILWU negotiation standstill,  Seattle is still operating and capacity is readily available, there are still long wait times for drivers and port congestion is seemingly here to stay for awhile
  • Oakland AB5 protests are still in full effect, the protests have not crippled the ability for drivers to get in and out of the port but it is something to keep an eye on in the next coming weeks. Volume is increasing this week, but capacity has not yet been an issue
  • Savannah Even though Savannah is getting busy this week Port X Logistics has capacity and a full service transload warehouse to help you get ahead of the rail and crush your delivery deadlines.  Contact Tyler and the team at  

Let’s talk transloads – a word we love!  It is getting harder to rely on rail service during times when supplies are low and demands are high.  The slower transit and dwell times and limited visibility of container locations make it increasingly hard to make deadlines.  We offer a better solution for reliability and visibility with our drayage/transload/trucking services.  You will be provided updates from the time your container has left origin, through the time it hits the port, to the time it hits our warehouse and full visibility Turvo tracking from the moment it leaves our warehouse in route to final delivery.  You can even access your shipment directly from your smartphone.  Let us do the work for you!

Did you know?

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