Aug 03

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The July BINGO goes out to Jordan Fenske!!

Congratulations Jordan!!!!!

Jordan is being recognized for checking all the boxes of being a high performing operator! Jordan always makes sure to get in early and organize his day, makes customer service a priority, and his work style is efficient and effective.

Jordan is always focused and works with a sense of urgency. He truly understands the Port X Logistics story and is always aligned with our culture! He continuously supports and encourages the entire team and his work in Turvo is current, clear, and concise.

On top of this, he has shown leadership and continuous improvement.

Jordan, thank you for your contribution and continued success of Port X Logistics.

What is this BINGO we speak of?

As we have been collaborating with our clients and solving problems, we have had a chance to work with customers during these crazy times in the drayage and trucking world. The convos are about solving their problems, but also doing it Port X Logistics style