Jul 14

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FreightWaves Market Updates brought to you by Port X Logistics

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FreightWaves Market Updates brought to you by Port X Logistics Featured Image

The News

Here’s the good news, import volumes in NY/NJ are going down this week which will hopefully allow for some of the empties to clear out.

Seattle has been really light on volumes and now there are immediate pressures on Drayage capacity.

Savannah continues to see strong flow and long lines in some areas of the terminal. It’s being managed fairly well though.

Miami is looking to have a surge of imports that land next week, so be on the lookout for that.

Houston continues to stay strong. It’s important to know what terminals you are coming into there. City docks runs differently than Bayport and Barbour’s Cut.

Now onto the rest…

Volumes are up in every other market, LA/LGB are showing large increases as well as Oakland in the midst of the AB5 situation. There where protests in Long Beach this week and they are scheduled for Monday through Wednesday of next week. We will continue to monitor the “show” in California.

It’s going to be an interesting second half of the year. AB5, Union Negotiations with ILWU, and the impending CARB law (https://bit.ly/3nZvnfH ) that begins in January.

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Check out the sonar images below for all of the US ports!

Sonar Images