Jul 07

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The News

Here it comes!

This is the wave of containers we have been waiting for and looking for. The overall US volumes will be up next week and LA/Long Beach will have a big spike in volume. The high volumes from China after their shutdown are on the way.

It will be interesting to see how the volumes are handled at the terminals. ILWU members are working with no contract at the moment. We have not seen major disruptions yet, but……. with a wave of containers and no agreement what will the next couple of weeks look like? All we can say is plan ahead and secure your capacity.

There are some other things to keep an eye out for.

Savannah with its high volumes and some congestion. Its rare to have drivers at the port all day, but yesterday our very own Lionel Crawford was only able to pull one box. The Georgia Ports Authority told us that they expect to see high volumes through October.

Charleston is still staying busy and handling a lot of cargo. The Hugh Leatherman terminal is still under utilized due to labor agreements.

Norfolk continues to be busy and continue to have chassis issues… VIG had 0 chassis yesterday.

Chicago still has a chassis shortage and there are some restrictions on empty returns. As of yesterday CSX was not taking empties. This further chews up the availability of chassis and yard space in Chicagoland.

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