Jun 30

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The News

Based upon our reports it looks like Houston, Charleston, and Miami will have some heavy volumes in the coming week.

Chassis continue to be in short supply in certain markets around the country. We are currently experiencing chassis shortage in markets like Chicago, Oakland, and Baltimore.

The Port of Oakland is trying to shorten dwell times putting further penalties on importers. BUT…. The SSLs contract with the port/terminal. The terminal has limited chassis, limited appointment times, quit posting LFDs on their websites and yet this becomes the importers problem??

Volumes in certain areas are still high (Houston and Chicago).

Did you know?

Houston has a third area receiving some containers – city docks. This is traditionally for breakbulk and not containers. Loading containers to chassis is not their first priority. This means that there can be long wait times even when you have an appointment. That fact makes this terminal not favorable and its difficult to convince drivers to go. Especially when there is other work at Bayport and Barbours Cut.

Chicago rail ramps have been moving containers offsite. Places like lot 17 or CN Integrated. This means your containers become extremely difficult to track. It’s like they go into a black hole.

Need more intel on ports and ramps around the country OR details regarding City Docks and Lot 17, let us know. Reach out to us at letsgetrolling@portxlogistics.com or sign up for our market updates here: https://bit.ly/3LyGl50.

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