Apr 14

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April FreightWaves Market Update!

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Overall US containerized volume coming into the US over the next week looks to have some slight growth. 

There are two hot spots to keep an eye on.

NY/NJ Ports

There are restrictions on returns of empty 20′ and 40′ high cube ONE containers today and tomorrow in New York. New York and New Jersey ports continue to be congested. With dual transactions implemented, if you don’t have an empty container to terminate you can’t pick up a full container making empty returns very difficult.

There is a clear volume increase in the ports. There is an influx of containers and yard space and chassis are at a premium.

For more details, see the images below.

Port of Seattle

Be on the lookout for a spike in volume. Plan ahead and get your orders in early.

For more details, see the images below.

Sonar Images