Apr 13

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The March BINGO goes out to Sarah Dent!!

Congratulations Sarah!!!!!

Sarah is the winner of the March BINGO because of her great work and commitment to Turvo training with the new members of the Port X Logistics family. As part of the Turvo Taskforce she has been vital to the Port X Logistics onboarding/training and continuous improvement process.

She engaged in a random act of kindness by celebrating the success of the SAV team with an impromptu Happy Hour. Additionally, she continuously goes above and beyond to provide the best customer experience and represent herself as a Brand Ambassador.

In the last six months she has gotten out of her comfort zone which has allowed her to grow both personally and professionally.

Sarah, thank you for your contribution and continued success of Port X Logistics.

What is this BINGO we speak of?

As we have been collaborating with our clients and solving problems, we have had a chance to work with customers during these crazy times in the drayage and trucking world. The convos are about solving their problems, but also doing it Port X Logistics style.