Feb 16

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Killer performances in LA

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Bryan Castellanos (Left) and Carlos Lopez (Right)

We’ve heard far too much about the LA team’s successes and we have to share.

Carlos Lopez and Bryan Castellanos, operations team members, gave us all of the details. Here’s what they have to say.

Getting the job done

“It’s simple,” they said, “We handle every issue with our customers by following all of the Port X Logistics checks and we get it done.”

Carlos said that because of the constant updates they give their customers, proactively communicating about shipments makes their jobs (and our customers’ jobs) easy. The team in LA is always in the know. You can’t beat that kind of customer service.

Everyone loves Turvo

You know we’re going to talk about our tech. So, here it is.

Turvo saves Bryan and Carlos from excessive email clutter and time when dealing with customers. This allows them to focus on other aspects of the job to make sure everything is done the right way. It’s always Day 1 after all.

“Turvo helps us get rid of all that clutter which also allows us to do our job in the fullest capacity, not getting all of those emails allows us to work on everything else that comes with the job,” Bryan said.


“I think we’ve done a great job of building relationships with our logistics network which streamlines everything,” Bryan said.

Their customers are thrilled with their performances and the total outcome that they receive. It really helps that Port X Logistics creates great relationships with the customers as well as all of the other people we work with to get the job done.

Hard work pays off

Bryan and Carlos are excited to continue doing good things for Port X Logistics and our customers this year and have set some personal goals.

“I’m trying to drive adoption! I want to make sure that all of the customers I am working with are on Turvo,” Carlos said. “I want to build a better relationship with them and get them on the app to show them that it makes everyone’s day so much easier.”

Bryan said he wants to keep expanding on everything we are doing with his major customers and also keep automating everything he can.

Want to work with Bran and Carlos? You can get in touch with our LA team at letsgetrolling@portxlogistics.com