Feb 15

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A Round Up of New Faces at Port X Logistics

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Our team is growing in 2022. We know, we know. It’s hard to keep up with all of the new faces.  In case you’ve missed their introductions, here are all the new members of the Port X Logistics family!

Christine Clapp

Job Title: Human Resources

Location: Buffalo, New York

Fun Facts: Christine belongs to a car club and she enjoys spending her time with her family attending different car shows and charity events.

Casey Jenkins

Job Title: Director of Strategic Initiatives

Location: Savannah, Georgia

Fun Facts: Casey placed in the top 100 of a national weather forecasting competition.

John Rymarczyk

Job Title: Finance Team

Location: Buffalo, New York

Fun Facts: John is a travel junkie who likes visiting national park sites and different sports venues. He has been to 24 of the 30 current MLB ballparks, three NHL All Star Games, three NHL Winter Classics, and to over 600 live sporting events in total!

Jairon Oliver

Job Title: Operations Team

Location: Los Angeles, California

Fun Fact: Jairon is a mixologist on the weekends.

Ashley Amato

Job Title: Operations Team

Location: Buffalo, New York

Fun Fact: Ashley makes chocolate covered treats when she’s not at work.

What’s next for Port X Logistics?

You know we have a grow or die philosophy. And that’s our plan for the rest of 2022. We’re ready to introduce more new faces, treat every day like it’s day one, and have some fun while doing it.

Keep up with our team on our Linked profile here: https://bit.ly/3gtRvuM