Jan 13

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We’re all about our people

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At Port X Logistics, we take individual strengths pretty seriously. We like to emphasize personal strengths to grow as individuals and as a company. Brian Kempisty, Founder, and Dr. Dionne Kress, Chief Heart Officer, sat down to talk about why these individual strengths are so important to our culture at Port X Logistics.

Our strengths

One of the first things that Dionne has new team members do when settling in at Port X Logistics is to take a strength finders test. This is one of the many unique ways that Port X Logistics creates chemistry within our team. The leadership team aligns individual strengths with tasks at hand, creating an environment of success.

“My philosophy is to look at what people are naturally good at and take them from there to make them excellent and amazing at their jobs, rather than looking at what they aren’t so great at,” Dionne told BK.

BK agrees with this philosophy. You can’t force people to be good at a job that opposes their strengths. So, the leadership team tries to further enhance the skills that come natural to each team member.

“It’s more fun. No one wants to get ridiculed on what they aren’t good at time and time again,” BK said to Dionne. “We want to put them in a position to succeed.”

Our success

At Port X Logistics, we believe the success of everyone will lead to the overall success in the company. This is our culture; we are more of a family than a company.

The culture is very open and it has a lot to do with who you are as a person and how we can make YOU successful.

“We believe in greatness and being your whole self,” Dionne said.

People enjoy working for Port X Logistics simply because we take the time to fit the needs of everyone and create a fun and safe environment to work in.

Other organizations don’t really care about who you are at your core and your heart—they just care about their bottom line. This is where Port X Logistics differentiates itself from other companies. We want every individual at Port X Logistics to succeed.

Our teamwork

In the Port X Logistics family, everyone encourages the other members to achieve their own success; there is no internal competition. Everyone works together and collaborates to function as a team which leads to the success of individuals and the company. We all row the boat together.

Dionne says that she encourages everyone to read their teammates’ strength finder test results to help each other better understand each individual and work better together. This resolves conflict in a compassionate way and helps us understand each person and what they are motivated by.

We have a unique approach to how we treat our employees here at Port X Logistics. The leadership team takes care of every employee, each in a different way, to make sure their work environment is best suited for them. We are not managers, but leaders on the path to success.

About Dionne

Dionne Kress is a professionally trained leadership coach, therapist and business expert, successfully working to transcend leaders and their teams. Her mission is to reveal the bolder, stronger leader living within and she has done so by building a successful practice and leadership model for top executives and their teams so these clients can live a more purposeful and impactful life. She has had such a beneficial impact on the entire Port X Logistics team. For more information or to get in touch with Dionne please visit: https://dionnekress.com/

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