Sep 08

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What the hell is a bingo?

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“BINGOOOO!” —Adam Cunningham

When the leadership team started Port X Logistics, bingos didn’t have much relevance. But bingos developed overtime as Adam, Leadership Team Member, would say it when there was a job well done.

Bingos developed from accolades we got from customers, drivers, and others in the industry. Our success factors determine what are bingos are.

From the start, our leadership team took everything they disliked from everywhere else they had worked and decided that Port X Logistics would be different. For our team, random acts of kindness and delivering great customer service is our juice.

Not Your Average Trucking Company

“To me, it is my pride in this business. It’s why we do what we do. Money is never the focus day-to-day. It’s always about the experience. We want to change the lives of our people and be a pleasure to work with for our customers. For Port X Logistics as a whole, this is the growth engine of our company. It’s the reason why our customers want to keep working with us,” explained BK.

We operate on what’s important to our culture both internally and externally. It’s a key part of our business. When your team isn’t dreading coming into the office every day and enjoys their jobs, the customers will get a great experience. If the customers were having a negative experience, the bingos wouldn’t be rolling in.

Consistency allows us to operate successfully. We don’t often lose team members to other companies. When you have steadfast team players, the customers build relationships with the team. It makes all the difference, and we’re not talking just about our bottom line.

Types of Bingos

As time has gone on, different types of bingos have developed.

First, we have short-term bingos. It’s when a team member does an awesome job on one load or transaction and we get a customer reaction like this one:

“Thank you so much, Tessie. Out!! Freaking!! Standing!! customer service!!!!”

That enthusiasm is contagious. And yes, you can and will hear someone shout “BINGOOOO” when an email like that hits our inboxes.

Long-term bingos are just that—projects that are well done that had a longer timeline. This past year, we’ve been strategically partnering with customers to create a streamlined experience from the Port X Logistics team members they are working with to creating new ways to integrate our technology into their SOPs.

The director of a global company we’ve been working with every day for the past year reached out to say we’re the best company they’ve ever worked with. That’s a HUGE bingo for the team.

The last type of bingos are just as important as the first two: accolades from peers within the industry. After being on MadGaines and having Cassandra join a few of our Clubhouse events, Cassandra said that our team has boundless knowledge and the rest of the industry needs to stop and listen to our experts.

Can you say bingo?

Maintaining Our Integrity

Dr. Dionne Kress, Chief Heart Officer, helps the team stay focused on earning bingos and maintaining the integrity of our success factors. She meets with each team member twice a month at minimum—more if they need it—and helps everyone create and achieve individual goals to inspire bingos.

These meetings with the team are important. Dionne helps keep the leadership team updated on how to support individual team members’ needs. This keeps our people focused and makes sure they know they don’t have to feel stress or pressure when they come into the office.

Dionne also reviews our success factors, pillars, and declaration of independence on a regular basis with everyone on board so we don’t get caught up in the day-to-day and lose our vision.

Ditch the Spreadsheets

Where other companies miss the mark is they don’t maintain the strength of their foundational principles. Managers are… well, managers and not leaders. They get lost in the bottom lines and spreadsheets that only outline their goals and not how to achieve them.

What are your values? Why are you doing what you’re doing? What are you passionate about?

Don’t say money. Treat your people well, manage by the integrity of your own success factors, and the money will follow.

When it comes down to it, Port X Logistics has found our purpose and we’ve pursued it. We’re here providing great customer service because we have happy team members.  

Bonus Content

Want to learn more? Watch Brian Kempisty and Dr. Dionne Kress talk about bingos and the Port X Logistics way in their YouTube video “What the Hell is a Bingo?”