Jun 29

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Happy, Supported Employees

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Origin Story

A group of experienced logistics professionals knew there was a better way. We understood the nuances and requirements of all ports, all types of cargo, and over the road trucking. From terminal operations to driver requirements across North America, we were the subject matter experts and had already become valued resources in the industry.

Our leadership team wanted to provide a premium service backed by an aspirational brand. Premium and aspirational in trucking?  Say what?

Together, we envisioned a philosophy and success factors. This was not going to be your normal trucking company. We put together these core beliefs:

  • Deliver WOW through service
  • Create fun and a little weirdness
  • Always be proactive
  • Communicate, communicate, communicate
  • Be passionate and determined
  • Embrace and drive change
  • Be adventurous, creative, and open minded
  • Do more with less
  • Pursue growth and learning
  • Be humble

We planned to build a positive team and family spirit with our customers, teammates, partners and vendors. 

The Plan

Create the plan, follow the plan, execute the plan. It’s not as easy as it seems.

At the beginning, we knew everything we didn’t want to do when writing the plan. It seems that many companies lose their “why” after a few years and start putting focus on business trajectories. They hire managers instead of leaders. A toxic culture is created with a “gotcha mentality.”

We focus on the people: our team and our customers. We treat our people with respect, we WOW customers, and we’re a pretty fun place to work. Ultimately, this is what makes Port X Logistics successful.

Our plan includes not only the business, but our employee guide, our success factors, and our very own Declaration of Independence. All of these ideas have grown with us.

At first, the employee guide wasn’t as robust. But as we got feedback from employees and customers, we added bingos, customer accolades, the importance of Turvo, and everything else that has made Port X Logistics special over (almost) four years.

The Impact

We’re changing the lives of our team and our customers. Sticking to the plan has created a culture where our people can be themselves and speak their minds without fear. Our team is happy and engaged.

Dr. Dionne Kress, our Chief Heart Officer, helps us stick to the plan. Every team member at Port X Logistics has coaching sessions with Dionne twice per month. Recently, Dionne asked the team about the revised employee guide. There was no negative feedback about their experiences with Port X Logistics and their interactions with the leadership team.

But… How?

Brian Kempisty, Founder, has that answer.

“Confidence and conviction. We set up the plan, but we act with complete conviction. We are not wishy-washy. We don’t avoid something because we might lose money. Many organizations have those managers that get lead down those paths and end up ruining it. We’ve managed to stay on our own path and we’re having the time of our lives doing it. Who gets to do that?”