May 11

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Congrats, Rachel and Erin!

Congratulations to Racheal and Erin, our Canadian teammates and partners. They are the tag team winners of the April BINGO!! 

During the month of April, Rachel and Erin used their combined grit and perseverance to overcome the port strikes in Montreal. Certainly, putting both their dedication and tenacity to the test. Additionally, they received customer accolades for their work. This was not just a “job well done,” but a half joking threat to steal Rachel away. We have to be diligent and not let the good ones slip away. We got you, Rachel and Erin!

What is this bingo we speak of?

As we have been collaborating with our clients and solving problems, we have had a chance to work with customers during these crazy times in the drayage and trucking world. The convos are about solving their problems, but also doing it Port X Logistics style.