Jan 21

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Letter from BK: The 2021 Plan

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Letter from BK: The 2021 Plan Featured Image

At Port X Logistics we talk about the plan as well as preparation all the time. This year, I was unable to head back and meet many of our leaders in the Buffalo, New York office. However, we still did our planning virtually. We’re very fortunate that we pushed for technology right out of the gates in 2017.  We were fortunate to be able to partner with Turvo early on for our Transportation Operating System, we’re 100% integrated with Microsoft Teams, and had our own proprietary cloud based sales and rating system. We executed at a very high level in 2020, but we have certainly not reached our destination.  

How to start 2021?

Start with a reminder and reflection. Why do you do what you do every day?  

“I wonder what’s their story?…” 

I believe all lives are works of art. The various forms of my artwork, my lifestyle choices, and my attempts to influence at home or at work are intended to evoke both inspiration and growth. Not all growth is easy…it takes time, patience, practice, sacrifice, adaptation, dedication, awareness, hard work, and vulnerability.” By: Anthony J. Tarantino

As we continue on our plan for 2021 ,we take this reflection into account. 

Every year, we review the strategic plan.

  • The plan from before our launch is still right on the money. It’s like it could have been written last week. Stick to the plan and stay on course.
  • With a huge 2020 in the books, what do we do for 2021?
    • Incremental change. Do the little things that help our customers and our teammates. As CHO Dionne Kress says, the one more.
  • Continue our internal growth through coaching and walking or in some cases “virtual” walking leadership. Support the team personally and professionally every day.
  • Promote the adoption of technology more than ever. Tech adoption is very hard. We made it not an all or nothing game, but a continuous grind forward. One customer and one feature at a time. Give the people the pieces they want and need, the adoption will keep rolling.  
  • In 2020 the “brand” has started to emerge.  The market is understanding our value and our customers continue to pile on the bingos! Here we come 2021.
  • Provide servant leadership! Move beyond the transactional aspects of management. Inspire, coach, support and create opportunities. “Performance goes through the roof,” says Art Barter, founder of the Servant Leadership Institute. More importantly says ME. It works. I am very fortunate to have a team that is willing to do anything for me, the customer, and the company. They are grateful for the position we have put them in and I am certainly grateful for their dedication. As I say, change people’s lives
  • Keep adding to the trucks! This year we will see at least four markets with more and newer equipment.

What Else?

We also talk about having FUN and bringing the weird. We work really hard and it’s important to have some fun along the way. Grateful for all of our people, a successful 2020, and the opportunity to get to do what I love every day. Port X Logistics looks forward to continued fun and continued success changing the landscape of drayage, trans-loading, and trucking.  

We have more mountains to climb and more rivers to cross.