Sep 30

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From Shanghai to Ohio in 19 Days

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From Shanghai to Ohio in 19 Days Featured Image

Chassis shortages, terminal appointment issues, and congestion at the Ports of LA and Long Beach are causing a sharp increase in volumes for containers hitting the Canadian west coast Ports of Vancouver and Prince Rupert. People are trying to avoid the current chaos and congestion in Los Angeles and are looking for alternatives to expeditiously deliver HOT cargo for their customers. 

Here’s where Port X Logistics comes in

We put together real-life examples from a customer to show you just how quickly the service at Port X Logistics works when diverting containers and trucking from the ports of Prince Rupert and Vancouver.

Here is an example of a shipment for our customer who is using ONE as the SSL. 

Shanghai to Prince Rupert

Expect 11-14 days via ONE.

Prince Rupert to Ohio: Port X Logistics takes the reigns

  • September 18: vessel arrived
  • September 21 10:15 a.m. PAC: container discharged 
  • September 21 10:45 a.m. PAC: container was loaded by our drayage driver 
  • September 21 12:00 p.m. PAC: container trans-loaded, sent BOL and drivers departed PR warehouse
  • September 21-24:  Port X Logistics tracked every hour with GPS with an ETA for Thursday morning on September 24
  • September 24 10:00 a.m. EST: truck arrived

From there, our expert staff knew how to proceed with all of the nuances of getting the bonds re-manifested and getting the cargo on the road. We provided drayage, trans-loading, bond re-manifest, and final delivery 2,860 miles within four days of the container being discharged.

Our customer, the NVOCC, was able to put together a package for the BCO/end user which allowed them to provide ocean/truck service from Shanghai to Urbana, Ohio in 19 days!

What about the Port of Vancouver?

Port X Logistics can also handle your timely trans-load shipments out of what is generally the second port of call on the Canadian west coast—Vancouver.

The process for Vancouver is nearly the same as Prince Rupert EXCEPT Vancouver is by reservation only. What’s a reservation you ask?  That’s Canadian for appointment. It all depends on how quickly the vessel is being worked and what reservations are available. 

Our expert team understands all of the nuances of monitoring the vessel, tracking availability, recovering the container, re-manifesting the bond, and expediting to destination. Have questions or want to know more?  Ask us via