Apr 22

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Collaboration Any Time, Anywhere

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Collaboration Any Time, Anywhere Featured Image

Port X Logistics is a trucker, 3PL, and supply chain provider that has built its foundation on technology.  We talk about our three pillars of culture, service, and tech often.

Our main operating system is called Turvo. When you use Port X Logistics you get access to Turvo on every shipment—FREE. Turvo’s collaboration and sharing tools add value to both Port X Logistics and our customers because it allows us to work on any device at any time from anywhere. Many of our clients have stakeholders across the globe and Turvo allows them to all have their own tenants and share information upstream and downstream.  Supplier, Manufacturers, NVOCC’s, retail warehouse, and us as your trucker are all connected with their own permission-based tenants. 

During COVID-19 and our new work from home (WFH) environment, this tool has been extremely valuable. WFH has people scattered, causing collaboration to be more difficult to achieve. We have seen our customer adoption rate with Turvo grow significantly because of its ease of use and sharing capabilities. 

Here’s a quick use case scenario:

The shipper and manufacturer are in Germany.

The local NVOCC is in Chicago.

The cargo is shipped via ocean to LGB.

Port X Logistics tracks the vessel with updates available in Turvo via links or tenant.

We arrange port pick up and updates become available in Turvo via links or tenant.

The container is drayed to our warehouse with updates and tracking available in Turvo.

The trans-load photos are available in Turvo.

For over the road TL the shipment is loaded with team drivers who are tracked on the Turvo Driver app.

In our case, the NVOCC is the main contact and will be responsible for updating all of the stake holders in the USA and Europe. This could mean copious amounts of email and phone calls at all hours. With Port X Logistics and Turvo, all stake holders have access to the status, location, documents, and even photos of the shipment on any device at any time; there’s an app for that!

This collaboration tool makes everything more timely, cuts down on email, minimizes on phone calls, and give everyone real time data in a complex and time sensitive shipment.

Questions? We’re always here with answers at letsgetrolling@portxlogistics.com.