Apr 21

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Tri-Axle Chassis Shortage at Port of Oakland

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Tri-Axle Chassis Shortage at Port of Oakland Featured Image

The largest cargo ship to ever dock at the Port of Oakland arrived on April 16. The MSC Anna is 1,312 feet long and can carry 19,200 TEUs—that’s a lot of cargo.

Since the MSC Anna’s arrival, we have seen a tri-axle chassis shortage, leaving many heavy weight containers stranded at terminals. Those containers are nearing their LFD allowance by the terminals and STLs.

In combination with the arrival of this massive ship and the fact that many facilities have shut down until further notice because of the pandemic, the tri-axle chassis units will go into long-term container storage leaving the pool availability extremely limited.

If you have containers arriving in the near future or already at the Port of Oakland, the most immediate solution is to reach out to Port X Logistics and ask about our private chassis inventory at our OAK Terminal consisting of tri-axles, standard, and split-combo chassis to maximize efficiency and greatly reduce chances of demurrage. Also, did we mention we offer a NO DEMURRAGE GUARANTEE