Apr 14

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The Chaos Continues: Bottlenecks at the Ports

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The Chaos Continues: Bottlenecks at the Ports Featured Image

The chaos spurred by COVID-19 continues. We’ve seen long lines to pick up containers, difficulties scheduling empties return appointments, and competition finding storage space.

The next issue? Bottleneck at the ports and yard-space issues resulting from it.

Congestion will continue to get worse if containers don’t get picked up. We think this is happening because warehouses are already full or are closed from the state mandates that non-essential workers cannot be present on location. As more containers are left at the ports, the less yard space will be left. The ports in the Philippines have been crippled by this issue.

U.S. Federal Maritime Commission (FMC) has begun working with industry leaders to identify solutions to the predicted bottleneck. The FMC plans to assemble an Innovation Team to respond to any disruptions to the global ocean supply chain. You can read more about the FMC’s plans here.

Port X Logistics has the flexibility and nimbleness to help you with this issue. Our crisis management services can help you secure containers, find warehouse space, and provide overflow space for wheeled containers.

We can’t eliminate issues of securing appointments for empties terminations, which we talked about here, as this will continue to be a battle throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. But we are here to help you however we can. Just email us at letsgetrolling@portxlogistics.com