May 23

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Tariffs = Confusion, Urgency, and possible changes to the Supply Chain

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Brian Kempisty

As if controlling your Supply Chain isn’t enough of a challenge why not toss in a trade war with the worlds largest exporter to America to toss a wrench in things.

On Friday May 10th President Trump increased tariffs on $200 Billion imported goods from 10% to 25%. This is something the President warned importers about for months – yet it still has caught folks flat footed.

But here we are… Is there any sort of a simple answer to when the tariffs take place…. Kind of sort of??? But not really as you’d imagine with something like this. Here is the easiest way I can explain the immediate impact.

Goods arriving to the US prior to June 1st will remain w/the 10% tariff on two conditions

1) The goods have been exported prior to May 10th and the importer has a customs entry on file with CBP between May 10th – June 1st

2) The goods have had the IT issued for goods arriving on or after May 10th but prior to June 1st

Super easy stuff right…

What can be guaranteed is there will be bumps in everyone’s supply chain. The Port X Logistics team is at your service to smooth out these bumps once cargo hits the shores of North America. If you need your cargo expedited out of the ports and ramps, thoroughly tracked via the TURVO driver app, and delivered with a smile, we have your back.

Get us the delivery orders right away and you may be able to get a NO demurrage guarantee.

Brian Kempisty