Mar 26

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March Update

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Brian Kempisty

I’ve been everywhere man! Miami, Atlanta, Chicago, Long Beach, and Oakland over the past several weeks.

Through the travel and collaboration there have been some constant themes from NVOCC’s, BCO’s, and even SSL’s on getting containers picked up and delivered in a fashion that is acceptable.

· Long dwell times from port to rail. New York / New Jersey the latest culprit

· The dwell times can lead to unpredictable delivery dates putting supply chains in peril

· Vessel bunching – Savannah has seen wait times for vessels to get up the river and to dock

· Empty returns in Long Beach. Why are they still so difficult. Terminals are still requiring empty appointments & often times still request dual transactions.

· YTI in Long Beach working limited hours this week, like half days. Why?

· Overall capacity and equipment shortages in some markets.

I was at the TPM in Long Beach, CA a couple of weeks ago. We listened to executives from BCO’s, NVOCC’s, and Trucking companies regarding the trucking and drayage markets. To my astonishment when panelists were asked about the biggest issues and challenges, I heard nothing about

· Demurrage

· Per diem

· Very little about diversity in the supply chain

To me these are things that caused shippers to get crushed in 2018 and early 2019.

Want a no demurrage guarantee?

Need better visibility of shipments?

Want to collaborate on ways to mitigate per diem?

Need to add some diversity to your routings?

We don’t have a silver bullet for every situation, but we have many of the tools to help people navigate the reality of trucking in 2019. Port X Logistics continues to add to its tool box. More drivers, trucks, industry professionals, and technology to provide instant visibility. If you need to collaborate on any solutions, let us know. For the latest market news and Port X Logistics perspective visit the blog or contact me directly, or old school at (406) 595-0631

No Demurrage, No Kidding!

Brian Kempisty