Nov 16

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Finally an “X” You Can Get Along With

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Brian Kempisty

We are trying to re-define the customer experience in the US trucking market. We do this with the best people, proactive communication, and unmatched visibility in the industry. Oh, and we have the trucks!

• We proactively track the vessel and rail to ensure containers do NOT go into storage

• Alert customers of any holds or issues with the container

• Continuous in-transit updates

• Visibility on any device at anytime

• Collaboration within the Turvo operating platform What is Turvo?

Turvo is a tech company based in San Francisco that is changing how people communicate in transportation. They have attracted talent, from Microsoft, Apple, Google, Salesforce, and some of the best entrepreneurs from the transportation business. VC’s have provided them with over $91 million dollars as people around the globe are seeing their mission and the value they bring through technology.

• A cloud based operating platform that is revolutionizing the transportation industry

• Simply type in a shipment ID, Container number, City, and viola your information appears

• Collaboration and sharing are foundational items. We can share documents, photos, track

shipments via the driver app, message your operations professional, and on.

• In studies we have done with our clients who also adopt the platform we have cut down emails by as much as 80%. Get your inbox under control.

We have had the privilege to partner with Turvo as our technology provider, so our customers get the benefits of the system. You get your own tenant from Port X Logistics and get the experience for no cost on the shipments we handle. We are committed to provide a different experience in transportation. Our core values, people, and technology are allowing us to do that.

Welcome to the Revolution!

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Brian Kempisty