Jan 22

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United States Trucking Market Updates: ELD Mandate

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Brian Kempisty

The new Electronic Logging Device requirement has been affecting the longer haul drayage market since its inception. Due to the mandate many drivers/Owner Operators are NOT willing to take longer runs. It is important to remember that 90% of the drayage market consists of Owner Operators who can pick and choose which work they want to take. Drivers don’t want to run out of hours prior to being able to return home.

A recent example that we had was a run out on Savannah, GA port to in-land GA that is 277 miles one way. In the past they would run, deliver, and return to Savannah same day. If it takes too long to unload, there is traffic, weather, or any delays the driver now stands the chance of being stranded and not making it home. This has caused some drivers to request layover fees, and has limited the number of drivers that want to make this kind of run at all. Instead they would just rather do local work and not take any chances.

What have we done to overcome this? With capacity already hampered throughout the country we have begun trans-loading many critical deliveries over 100 miles. This allows the drayage drivers to stay local and recover as many containers as possible. Many times, BCO’s and NVOCC’s have been leaving containers until they find longer haul coverage. This could cause containers to go into demurrage and result in later than anticipated delivery. By recovering and trans-loading we can provide more coverage

and ensure critical deliveries are made.

I have also included a link that describes the ELD exemption for drivers staying within a 100 miles radius.

This exemption has also been a large contributing factor as to why drivers want to stay closer to home.

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Brian Kempisty